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New Puppy Essential

This Workbook will Guide You Through The First 4 Weeks of Puppy Life

How do you know what to do with your puppy from day to day in those early weeks, in order to try and provide the best quality learning for their developmental stage and age?

Our printable, 4-week Puppy Training Day Planner workbook template will show you what a day looks like, in 15-minute intervals.

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A Day in the life of... Puppy

Successfully raising your puppy, will require a lot of patience and understanding. For our young puppies between the age of 8 weeks and 16 weeks, these are the puppy priorities:

- Manage your puppy's environment to limit accidents and mistakes.
- Condition your puppy's emotional responses to novelty.
- Train your puppy to do specific behaviours on cue, and develop your puppy's understanding of what the most appropriate behaviour is depending on the circumstances.

Our Puppy Training Day Planner Workbook template puts these puppy priorities in the context of your 24h day, for your puppy's first four weeks at home. Each week's worksheet contains one 24h day as a template.

Spreadsheet Feature
  • A 24h day divided into 15-minute segments.
  • 4 consecutive weeks in your puppy's early development.
  • Incl printable PDF File Download (40 page A4 document).
  • Incl editable spreadsheet to customise your day.
  • Incl blank day worksheet.

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The Mindful Dog puppy trainer

The Mindful Dog

At the Mindful Dog, we help you and your dog develop a healthy and happy relationship, so you can enjoy each other's company for many years to come.

We run puppy classes and private dog training on Sydney's North Shore, and recently added a virtual, live, online puppy pre-school to our training service offering.

In fact, this puppy training workbook is part of, and included in, our Puppy School curriculum.

As your qualified instructor, Radica will help you set the right priorities and put effective strategies in place to teach your puppy how to get it right.

Radica Raeves
CPDT-KA Certified Professional Dog Trainer
& Puppy Class Instructor.

Using This WorkBook as a Template
You Will Learn About :

Where is puppy?

  • Minimise mistakes
  • Maximise success
  • Remove temptations
  • Limit options until capable
  • Crate, Playpen,...

What is puppy doing?

  • Play time
  • Nap time
  • Toilet breaks
  • Socialisation
  • Training
  • Feeding,...

What is puppy learning?

  • What should I chew?
  • Where should I sleep?
  • Where should I do my business?
  • What is "that"?
  • Being alone is ok...

What's Inside

Week 1

Week 1

Settling In
"Set the Scene..." (Calmness. Family Rules.)
"Management, Calmness
& Instructive Activities"

Week 2

Week 2

Proximity Value vs Separation
"I pay close attention to you
and love staying close."
"Being Alone is OK"

Week 3

Week 3

The Wider World on Walks
"Help me make sense
of the world."
"What is that,
and what does it mean for me?"

Week 4

Week 4

Finding the Family Rythm

Blank Day

Blank Day

Choose your own adventure!

PDF Document

PDF Version

Ready-to-print A4 PDF version of all 4 weeks daily planners, including blank day (40 pages total).

Download day planner sample

 Sample 1 page PDF file (6am to 9am from Week 1)

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No, this workbook template is part of the Puppy School curriculum which includes weekly follow-up emails, course notes, videos, digital certificates and free membership to our online support community.

No, the Workbook template contains 5 days: one day for each of the 4 weeks plus 1 blank day. We devide the 24h day into 15 minute segments and for each individual week, the day would contain the same activities for that week, but different across the weeks as your puppy progresses its training.
We also included a blank worksheet day for you to "choose your own adventure".

You need a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Modern browsers have a built-in PDF viewer. The PDF is formatted in A4 format.
For the spreadsheet, to customize the workbook to your own daily schedule needs and puppy's level, you need an office application like Microsoft Excel, or Apple Numbers, or upload to Google Sheets. This would then allow you to print it onto other document formats, like A2, Letter,...

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